Residential Lighting

For many people, hanging lights can often be the most frustrating part of the season. Hauling bins from the attic, untangling lights, finding out half of them are broken, and then actually hanging them up. Add in climbing ladders and standing in the cold, all this usually doesn’t add to the stress-free holidays you were looking for.

You don’t have to go without holiday lights to eliminate this stress. Instead, look forward to a hassle-free holiday season this year with our experienced residential light installation services.


Keep yourself and your loved ones off the roof and the ladder in the garage! We know every roof is unique, which is why we custom tailor our solutions to best fit your home.


Our high-quality, commercial-grade bulbs and strands, paired with our intricate installation process, will produce beautiful, clean lines of light every time.


You can expect excellence when you outsource your holiday lighting project to Vibrant Lighting.