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Christmas Lighting Near Me

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Free Design Consultations

We will come out to look at your home and the surrounding landscape. Let us know exactly what you want, or we can give you suggestions and even create a design based off your budget.

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Residential Christmas Lighting in Bucks County

The Joy of Christmas Lights

The holidays bring an enchanting sense of joy and wonder, with glowing lights of homes and streets, marking the arrival of the festive season. The act of decorating with lights is a cherished tradition for many families, symbolizing the spirit of togetherness and celebration. Amidst the excitement, installing lights can be daunting, with tangled strands, ladder climbs, and burnt-out bulbs dampening the holiday spirit. You understand the stress if you’ve ever tried to do it yourself.

Benefits of our All Inclusive Residential Christmas Lighting Services

Top Grade Lights

All our lights are commercial grade LEDs. This ensures they stay lit through any harsh weather such as rain and snow, they're bright and stay bright, and they are energy efficient.

Custom Designs

Our design team can create concepts from scratch, or we can turn your dreams into reality.

Warrantied Service & Products

If anything is out of place or is defective, we will be out ASAP to fix it.

Removal & Storage

Come the end of the season, we remove everything and neatly store all lights and equipment at our facility year-round. Come next year, you don't have to think twice about lights, we have everything covered.

Sit Back & Relax, No Hassles Here.

Imagine enjoying the dazzling display of Christmas lights adorning your home, without facing any of the usual hassles. With our service, you’re freed from the burdens of untangling lights, climbing ladders, and braving the cold to create a festive display. We handle everything from the initial design to the final installation, and even the maintenance in between. Once the holiday season is over, we also take care of the takedown and storage, ensuring your lights are safely stowed away until next year. This means you can sit back, sip on your favorite holiday beverage, and soak in the beauty and joy of your effortlessly illuminated home, making your holiday season truly magical.

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Getting a quality lighting display for your event or holiday is super easy! Send us a request for a quote, and one of our lighting specialists will reach out quickly to discuss different options with you.

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After you've selected the ideal lighting package, we're ready to schedule your project! Depending on the service, we will provide options for installation and ensure a seamless service.

Sit-back & Relax

With your project scheduled, it's time for you to kick back and relax. Our lighting services cover everything from start to finish. Let us create a dazzling display while using top-quality lighting products.

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Free Design Consultation
*Includes holiday lighting only. May include design/consult fee for event lighting

Custom Made Lighting Displays
Commercial Grade LED Lighting
Product and Service Warranty
Free 48 Hour Maintenance Calls
Fast & Convenient Removal
Free Storage Year Round
Fully Licensed & Insured
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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